The Glory After your Shame,The story of Great faith faith

May 14 | By Princewill

After church, I hurried up to her house, because I'd earlier promised to find out why she stopped coming to church for the past 3 Sundays.

She was lying on a sofa in her sitting room. "Beck welcome, you never visit anybody. Hope you'll sign autograph for me this one you came?"

I smiled off her comment. I sat on the armless chair beside her and asked why she has been missing in action for the past 3 weeks. She said so many things were going through her mind.

"Did I come to this place for you to give me generic answers? Do you know what that mad man at the junction did to me because I was coming to this place?"

"Hahaha. That my friend. What did he do to you? Ehh MBN, talk ni."

"I will gist you later. Tell me why you stopped coming to church on Sunday."

She had a boyfriend who promised to marry her. In her words, he seemed serious, genuine and real about his plans. But the guy was always uncomfortable whenever she interacts with her male friends.

"Oh, the usual story of insecurity? It's nothing new. Was that why you went to the babalawo?"

"Baba wetin? Somebody is telling you something serious and you're talking another thing. Martin Beck Nworah, when will you stop being like this?"

"Oya I am sorry. Continue."

Because of the guy, she distanced herself from many of her male friends, especially the good ones who've stayed with her for so many years, and helped her in her career and life.

"Beck, of course you were the only one who remained adamant and refused to give me space."

"Yes na. Is he married to you? Besides you are a nice person and people like you. I wonder how you've managed to cope with such...anyway. It's your relationship and love life, I won't interfere."

Three weeks ago, precisely on a Friday evening she said, the guy broke up with her over the phone. He said that he doesn't feel the "vibe" of the relationship again.

"Babe wait. Vibe? What kind of vibe? You've dated this guy going to 3 years now and just when it's about time to settle down, he is talking about vibes?"

She just shook her head and using her left hand, she cleared a tear from her left eye.

"I'm sorry dear. If you can't continue it's fine. Do you have bread? Let me drink tea while you calm down."

"Beck I'm fine. Do you want me to finish or you want to take breakfast now?"

"Oya finish, let's not spoil the moment."

She cried and begged the guy for a face to face meeting but he was having none of it. After crashing her friendships and good connections just to keep this relationship, she has lost both.

"Chai...men are scum."

"You are very foolish Beck. Are you not one of them?"

"Yes, that's true. Infact, some men are scum. Sorry for interrupting you, my spirit is hot."

So far, she's finding it difficult to fix her life and work. She prayed so hard for this relationship and wanted it to be her final bus stop. In her head, she gave it everything and have foreclosed every other option till this thing happened.

She broke down in tears again and I was just there, staring at her. I went to the fridge and took out an apple. I ditched the idea of tea and bread.

"Babe, hold yourself together. It has happened and since he doesn't want to see you, it's fine. Get up, you hear? Stand up let's say a prayer."

She stood up, I held her hands and I was lost for words. We sang few praises and before we sat down I said;

"Lord, if it be your will this guy is not for your daughter, may you delete his memories from her head and help her to heal. If he is the one, may you rewrite this narrative to the glory of your name. But if this heartbreak will bring glory to your name and blessing to this your daughter, strengthen her and give her a reason to be strong again to worship you."

We shared some jokes and I left. She sent me a text that she felt better and was so glad I came around.

Later in the afternoon, I was sleeping when my phone began to ring repeatedly. I thought it was in my dream so I relaxed and continued to enjoy my sleep. When it wouldn't stop, I got up and answered the call. It was my friend who I visited in the morning.

"Beck oooooooo. You won't believe what happened oooooooooooo. Chai....My Lord. Chai."

"Babe calm down, I can barely hear you."

When she couldn't control her excitement, I hung up on her and returned to the bed. Barely two minutes later, she called again.

"Oya Beck sorry. I am ready to talk well now."

"Alright. Better for you. What happened?"

She said about an hour ago, the guy called her on phone and was begging her to forgive him.

"Who called you? The "vibe" boyfriend who broke up with you over the phone?"

"Yes oooooo. He called and was apologizing. But I told him there was no reason. That I have accepted everything in good faith, fate and destiny."

She said the guy kept on saying he was sorry till she shouted on him to stop. That was when he told her the reason why he broke up with her and refused to see her.

"Babe what did he tell you?"

He belonged to a secret society and they insisted before he got married, they'll approve of the lady he wants to marry. On his way to the temple for performance of the rituals, a voice kept asking him; "What has my daughter done to you? What has my daughter done to you?"

"Hmmmm babe. You are getting me scared."

"Beck, I am serious. I was even shocked when he was telling the whole story. My hand was shaking."

He said after hearing the voice, something will happen and he won't make it to the temple again. Either someone calls him that his shop was on fire or that his boys are fighting. Everytime, none of these stories happened to be true and he doesn't know who calls him on phone.

The last attempt that made him to break up with her, was when he made up his mind not to deterred again from completing the process. That morning, he heard the same voice or thought in his mind, telling him to "leave my daughter alone."

He got on the road and had an accident almost near his destination. He went into coma and the voice kept telling him, if you don't leave my daughter, you will die in this state of injury.

Immediately he regained consciousness, he called her right away, broke up with her and refused to see her for any reason at all.

"Hmmm. Babe, so that was why he refused to see you?"

"Beck my brother oooooooooooo. Is God not wonderful? The gist didn't end there. See, when are you coming over to the house? My airtime is almost finished?"

"Haba, finish this gist na. How can you be earning a good salary and still be complaining about airtime with me? Alright, I will come around soon. Hope you cooked?"

"Yes oooooo. We will talk later, let me answer my mother, she's calling me on the other phone. We will see later Beck."

I was just clapping my hands in silence. This life.

Meanwhile, I intend to ask her how possible it was she dated this guy for so long a time, and never knew some of these details about his activities.

One, don't chase out your friends because of someone who you're not sure what he wants with you. Two, not every break up is bad. You learn and move on.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


Martin Beck Nworah


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